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TPS Checking

Any households or businesses that do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing information can register their telephone number with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) or the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

The volume of numbers registered with TPS has grown rapidly since the service was launched in 1999. It is a legal requirement that all telemarketing companies screen their marketing data against the preference services otherwise a fine of up to £5,000 may be incurred.

It is important that your organisation is TPS compliant in order to avoid such fines. There are a number of options available to you to help solve this problem. Our TPS checking facility allows you to upload, manage and check your call lists.

TPS checking API

Alternatively, a bespoke solution can be created to suit more specific needs or if you would like to programmatically TPS check numbers (e.g. within your own company CRM) you could use our API web service at