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Telephone number appending

Improve your marketing lists with up to date telephone numbers

Teleappending screenshotTelephone number appending, also known as 'teleappending' or 'batch processing', is the automated process of adding a contact phone number to your consumer or business marketing list. Our service provides an affordable and easy way to enhance or correct your data with an additional channel to contact your customers, giving you more opportunities to get in touch with new and existing customers.

Our residential and business telephone numbers are sourced from all of the licensed UK telephone providers and updated, 6 times per week. We can also, optionally provide other useful profiling or contact information for each of your records. For UK consumer marketing lists we can provide: age, marital status, employment status, house price, email address and several more. For your UK business marketing lists we can provide: business classification, annual turnover, named contact details (name, job title & email) and several more.

Data cleansing

If you are using the data for a telemarketing campaign, we can check and flag appropriately all of the found telephone numbers against the TPS / CTPS (Telephone Preference Scheme / Commercial Telephone Preference Scheme) data file to ensure you remain legally compliant with current data protection requirements.

We also provide other data cleansing services including deceased suppression and address verification.

Getting started

Please call 0800 0 607080 for more information or upload your marketing list now at Alternatively you can programmatically append telephone numbers to your marketing list with our API, T2A.