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UK Area Dialling Code Lookup

This service allows the user to look up UK area dialling codes from a location or postal area and vice versa. You can see where a call has come from, or track down the first part of an incomplete phone number.

All you need to do is enter one of the following:

  • An area (dialling) code e.g. 01904
  • A location e.g. Liverpool or newcastl*
  • A postal area e.g. YO or YO10 5DG

International Dialling Code Lookup

We also offer an international dialling code lookup service which enables you to lookup an area code by country name and vice versa.

The international and UK area dialling code lookup services are available as part of our and Corporate products.

Alternatively if you would like to programmatically lookup an area code (e.g. within your own company CRM) you can use our UK area dialling code web service or international dialling code web service.