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We are the UK\'s number one directory solutions provider

Directory Enquiries

A comprehensive solution to finding UK residential and business telephone numbers

Established in 1998 our core service has always been providing a robust and intelligent telephone directory to individuals and businesses worldwide. We started with a free online UK telephone directory. Following on from this we created Corporate a site specifically designed for commercial use.

Our directory enquiries repertoire was further increased in 2002, with the addition of 118 365 a voice directory enquiries service powered by 118 Express Windows based software (also developed by Simunix).

In 2011 we made our directory enquiries search engine available as an API called T2A. T2A was built for developers so that they could provide residential and business telephone number searching capabilities with their own websites, intranets or apps.

iPhone App
Last (for now) but not least in 2012 we launched iPhonebookUK a directory enquiries iPhone app powered by T2A.

Future developments
We are looking into Android and Windows Phone apps and making all our existing directory enquiries searching even better!